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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Cooperating with Change

Monkey See, Monkey Do is a playful iOS app to help kids understand their daily routines. By presenting upcoming tasks as interactive pictures, visual schedules help children to better understand what's going to happen, and reduce the likelihood of struggles with caregivers when transitioning from one activity to the next.

First Place, Berlin Geekettes Hackathon, 2013. Coming soon to the app store!



Countdown to Calm

OutTime is a visual timer that helps to make time-outs a calmer experience for both caregivers and children. It displays a progress indicator that even young children can understand, and helps grown-ups to gauge age-appropriate discipline.


About Me

I've been designing and coding iOS apps since 2011. I am especially interested in how mobile apps can help kids and their caregivers to have the most positive interactions.

In my previous decade on the web, I've developed front-ends and designed APIs, taught programming, co-written a book, and given talks in more countries than you can shake a stick at.

I care about retaining women in tech, host the Motherboard podcast, blog about Equalitism, and tweet as @krotondo.



2014 past


Let's Make Something Together!

Currently accepting new projects from September 2014

I'm on sabbatical, taking on new projects beginning in the fall. Have an interesting mobile/kids project, or looking for a speaker for your conference? Say Hello!